Glass and Ceramics

Porcelain N6568

George III period creamware dessert service consisting of 22 plates; a pair of sauce tureens with covers, stands, and ladles; an Oval dish; a pair of lozenge dishes; and a pair of square dishes, made by Wedgewood, England, circa 1810

Porcelain N6834

George IV Period – Porcelain Service consisting of Twelve Plates, a Pair of Shell Dishes, a Pair of Square Dishes, and a Pair of Lozenge Dishes – Made by Coalport in England – Circa 1820

Porcelain N6900

SOLD: George IV Period – Set of Armorial Porcelain Plates – Arms of Clarke of Handsworth, Staffordshire County (formerly Lincolnshire)Motto: Alacer (Quick)Made by Spode – England – Circa 1825

Porcelain M6774

George III Period – Spode Porcelain Ornithological Service consisting of twelve plates, a centerpiece, a pair of sauce tureens, a pair of hexagonal dishes, a pair of large oval dishes, and a pair of small oval dishes – Made in England, circa 1815